My name is Sheila Reed.

How can I help you improve your English?

I run the company EC-way Ltd with a focus on offering  online tutorials, workshops, lectures, coaching and courses in English for organisations and private clients.

I was born and educated in England, where I studied at Oxford.

In 1977 I moved to Sweden and have since  worked with pedagogy and english providing workshops/courses for the public and private sector. I have a proven track record in teaching English to participants from county councils, authorities, the business world and healthcare sector.

Sheila Reed English Coach

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All courses can be tailored completely to your wishes

People develop knowledge and skills in many different ways. Often in interaction with each other. When I teach the English language, the ambition is to make you as a participant feel safe and comfortable in your English conversation, regardless of prior knowledge. You should feel welcome and secure in your learning.

English is the world's most widespread language and it is becoming increasingly important to be able to master it, both in private and at work.

I offer language courses in English that are specially designed according to your or your unique needs. Whether you need to learn the basics, improve your business English or prepare for a trip or a new assignment, I can help you become comfortable with your English in every situation.

EC-way offers courses at different levels to individuals, companies, authorities, schools and organizations. Whether it is basic English or custom language terms for your industry, I adapt the course content to your needs. Get in touch and we will plan the course content and implementation together.

My references

I have worked with a variety of clients, here are some examples:

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