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Information in english

English is an exciting world languages ​​that grows every day. It has become obvious to speak and write english in today’s digital and global society.


My name is Sheila Reed, I am a course leader and coach. I have worked as a course leader for many years and had the pleasure of helping hundreds of talented, wise, entusiatiska participants. My background I have in England, I was born and grew up in England, where I studied at Oxford University. But in 1977 I moved to Sweden, and since then I have lived here and worked with education and language in different ways. I have extensive experience teaching English in both schools, government and business.


Among my references are companies in various sectors of industry, finance, logistics, details-, pharmaceutical, technology and real estate industry. But also the Swedish Government, the National Board and the Armed Forces. It has given me the opportunity to teach everything from politicians and top managers to new Swedes from many different cultures and of different ages. But it is not only businesses, government agencies and schools that hire me. I also offer courses for individuals and groups. It can be anything from one day to several weeks. The course length, starting date and scope, we design together based on your or your unique needs.


People develop knowledge and skills in many different ways. Often in interaction with each other. When I teach the English language, the aim is to get you as participants feel confident and comfortable in your English conversation, regardless of previous experience.



Do you want to book a course? Please contact me so we talk through your requirements and needs.

Sheila Reed, course leader and coach.
Phone: 070 486 82 71